Direct Services

  • Medical/Public Health

  • Mental Health

  • Counseling/Support

  • Agricultural/Pastoral Research & Support

  • Employment & Job Readiness Training

  • Youth Programs

  • Widows Self-Help Groups

  • Women's Sustainability Program

Education Opportunities

  • Adult Literacy/Education

  • Public Education on Wildlife & Environmental Conservation

  • University Scholarship Fund

  • Computer Literacy Training

  • Community Conservation Internship Program

  • High School Conservation Field Studies 

Economics & Entrepreneurship

  • Micro Business Loan Program

  • Business Development

  • Hospitality & Tourism

  • Agri-Business

  • Green Energy Business

  • School of Music

  • Recording Studio

Implementation & Partnership

​     Create an "Office for Project Implementation" which provides assessment/consultation​, local resourcing, personnel and management capacity, and comprehensive contracted implementation options for outside donors, organizations and business entities who seek to build, establish or develop (on-time, corruption-free, within budget...) projects.

Technology & Innovation

  • Develop alternative green sources of energy (solar, wind, hydro...) that will meet the energy needs of local communities across the Itombwe Massif

  • Clean Water Management 

  • Computer/Internet Capacity

  • Communications Capacity

Community Conservation

  • Indigenous Tree/Flora Planting Program

  • Community Wildlife Rangers Program

  • Conservation Leadership Program

  • "Community of Faith" Conservation Program

  • Youth Conservation Ambassadors

"The best way to predict the future is to create it."    Peter Drucker 

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