Conservation Training & Research Centre
  • Providing Facilities and Accommodations for Hosting and Supporting Researchers

  • Providing Orientations and Training for Rangers and Researchers

  • Facilitating Access to Local Resources in Support of Research

  • Establishing a Research Library/Archive for Information on the Itombwe Region

  • Networking and Building Relationships with Worldwide Institutions of Higher Learning, Promoting a Unique Opportunity for Conservation Field Research for their Students and Researchers

Wildlife Rescue & Release Centre
  • Establishing Exceptional Wildlife Centre with Rescue, Triage and Treatment Capacity for Itombwe Wildlife

  • Building Capacity for the Highest Quality Wildlife Veterinary Treatment

  • Rescue & Treatment of Wildlife with Release Intent

  • Establishing and Maintaining Formal Linkages/Partnerships with other Regional Wildlife Treatment Facilities for the Purposes of Sharing Information, Referrals and Coordination of our Efforts.

Indigenous Tree & Flora Nursery & Research Centre
  • Nursery for Indigenous Trees and Flora for the purposes of Research and Reforestation/Propagation

  • Conducting Scientific Collection, Research and Inventory/Cataloging of Itombwe Trees and Flora

  • Organizing Community Groups and Volunteers in Strategically Planting and Restoring Damaged Areas of the Itombwe Forest

"When is the best time to plant a tree?

                                            ...Twenty years ago.

          Then the second best time?     Now."

- African proverb

Conservation Education & Public Awareness Program
  • Providing Conservation Education, Seminars and Trainings in Public Schools, Churches and Local Community Gatherings

  • Building Public Consensus and Support through Increased Conservation Awareness across the Greater Itombwe Massif

  • Providing Direct Hands-on Experience and Exposure to Wildlife and Overall Conservation Efforts through Education, Volunteer and Employment Opportunities

*The Conservation Programs mentioned are only a starting point. ...many other programs will follow.

"We have not inherited the land from our ancestors; rather we have borrowed it from our children." - African Proverb

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