Eastern Lowland Gorilla
African Bird
Forest Elephant

A Journey Toward The Promise

Baby Eastern Lowland Gorilla

    Itombwe Conservation, Inc. is launching its journey toward implementing a "Community Conservation Movement" within the Greater Itombwe Massif of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Gorillas, chimpanzees, elephants (the trees/flora, and all other Itombwe life) must be valued and protected especially by the local people under a growing conviction that their own quality of life and future is directly related to and depends on the conservation of the entire ecosystem of which they are most crucially a part.  In short, if the Itombwe forests and wildlife are to have any hope of longterm survival, it will be a future held in the hands of local residents and communities. Likewise, local communities must come to the understanding that without their trees, forests and the broadest spectrum of flora - gorillas and chimpanzees and other wildlife cannot endure. Hence, lush trees/forests, thriving gorillas and chimpanzees actually determine rainfall, rivers and streams, productive crops/pasture, economic opportunities, global connectivity, community development... One of the most important efforts of Itombwe Conservation will be to cultivate within local communities the perception that their own ever-improving quality of life literally depends on a pristine environment that is carefully managed and protected as an interconnected ecosystem that benefits, blesses all life - people, forests and wildlife, producing clean air and pure water...

"You do not teach

the paths of the forest

to an old Gorilla" 

 - African Proverb

Eastern Lowland Gorilla
Forest Elephant
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